Jon Cardasis

Senior Mobile Developer

Whether you're taking your first steps into mobile, or are looking to improve an existing app, I can help.

Hey there! 👋 I'm Jon.

I'm a mobile app developer and consultant who builds rich mobile experiences, pushing the limits of what our pocket-sized devices can do. With over 7 years of experience building Mobile and Desktop apps, I've built and architected many applications for iOS, Android, macOS, and React Native, some of which have 4M+ monthly active users.
As a consultant, I work with companies to improve their mobile presence on both iOS & Android using Native or React Native Development. I am also active in the security field surrounding iOS and macOS, reverse-engineering and securing complex systems.

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I've worked with a number of companies on mobile and security applications. Currently working at Lyric.

Sr. Mobile Engineer

Form Health

May, 2020 - Current • 2 mos

Boston, MA (Remove from Detroit)

Second engineering hire. Building our greenfield telemedicine mobile platform from scratch. React Native, TypeScript, and JavaScript.

Sr. Mobile Engineer (iOS & Android)


Oct, 2019 - May, 2020 • 7 mos

San Fransisco, CA (Remove from Detroit)

Developing, architecting, and bringing a great mobile experience to our clients. Team Lead for mobile team. React Native, TypeScript, and JavaScript.


The GoodGood Project

Aug, 2017 - Current • 35 mos

Detroit, MI

Co-Founder and Tech Lead. Building Mobile Augmented Reality Experiences & Immersive Technologies.

Sr. iOS and React Native Developer

General Motors

May, 2018 - Oct, 2019 • 16 mos

Detroit, MI

Built iOS applications which interface with your car. Send keyfob commands, locate your vehicle, and obtain vehicle diagnostics. Test-driven development; building features in TypeScript, Objective-C, and Swift; and creating interfaces to allow React Native and Native layers to sync seemlessly.

Software Consultant

United States Department of Defense

May, 2018 - Sep, 2019 • 15 mos

Architecting software solutions and creating frameworks to abstract complex business logic allowing for junior developers to focus on higher-level functionality.

Sr. macOS and iOS Developer

United States Department of Defense

Sep, 2017 - May, 2018 • 8 mos

Arlington, VA

Developed macOS applications for internal DoD distribution. Built user-facing applications to interface with DoD physical card certificates, secured OS baseline images, wrote macOS kernel extensions to monitor system usage, building provisioning tools to image and remote push changes to distributed Mac systems.

Mobile iOS Engineer and DevOps

Ford Motor Company

Nov, 2015 - Aug, 2017 • 21 mos

Dearborn, MI

Building out iOS applications interfacing directly with your Ford/Lincoln vehicle. Built and maintained iOS CI/CD pipeline for North America and Asia Pacific. Managed company Apple Enterprise account. Completed feature work and wrote resigning scripts for internal app distribution. Wrote shell script suite to provision macOS hardware and keep software versions in sync.

iOS Mobile Development Intern

Quicken Loans

May, 2015 - Aug, 2015 • 3 mos

Detroit, MI

Created ReferExpress, an Obj-C based referral application for internal company use. Formed a team with other interns to create proof-of-concept applications. Wrote animation code for Rocket Mortgage. Hosted developer talks, teaching other interns the basics of iOS development in Swift.

Freelance iOS/Android Developer

Oct, 2014 - Apr, 2015 • 5 mos

Remote Freelancing

Built numerous iOS and Android apps in Objective-C and Java. Android Grooveshark music play with download service and offline storage. iOS dungeon crawler game built on SpriteKit and CloudKit. Pebble watch app for children with ADHD — iOS and Android companion apps.


Augmented RealityGame+3

Under Active Development.

GoodGood is an upbeat digital mailman who lives inside your phone and whose job is to deliver notifications to you.

Lately, GoodGood has been overwhelmed by online negativity and needs your help to spread new messages and wholesome stories of goodwill all over the world! He’s great at introducing you to new penpals with similar interests in a fun day-to-day social experience.

Using Augmented Reality, GoodGood brings positive daily experiences to the real world.

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